With “Tennessee Trey” Hollingsworth as GOP Nominee, the Choice is Clear: Lifelong Hoosier Shelli Yoder


INDIANAPOLIS– John Zody, chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after Trey Hollingsworth – a Tennessee born and raised candidate who only moved to Indiana for this congressional race – clinched the GOP nomination for Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District.

“Tonight, Trey Hollingsworth tried to pull one over on the Ninth Congressional District by clinching the Republican nomination for Congress. He’s convinced that being an absentee candidate supported by dark money will get him over the line in November. Well, Tennessee Trey needs to think again. Hoosiers in Southern Indiana admire hard workers, not someone who relies on handouts to slide by. What’s worse – Tennessee Trey’s campaign vision is the same out-of-touch agenda you see from Washington, D.C. Hoosiers in Indiana’s Ninth don’t need another Todd Young representing them in the District. They want someone who knows the Ninth and understands the issues that are important to the area. This hardworking person is Shelli Yoder, a proud mother, community leader, and lifelong Hoosier.”


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