Would Tennessee Trey Cut Funding for Indiana’s First Responders?


INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth seems content to let Southern Indiana do more with less by cutting programs that Hoosier families rely upon and preventing Hoosiers from getting a good return on the tax dollars they send to Washington, DC. What exactly does he mean by that?

If we are to expect to balance the budget and invest more in infrastructure, some things will have to get cut,” Hollingsworth explained. [WTHR, 9.22.16]

Does this mean Tennessee Trey would be fine with slashing budgets for our Hoosier first responders? Many fire departments, police stations, and EMT crews within the Ninth District wouldn’t be able to stay open if they didn’t receive grants from the federal government. Would Tennessee Trey approve of cuts for these grants?

This isn’t the first time Tennessee Trey has been tone deaf for Hoosiers. Just last month, Hollingsworth said he “understands blue collar workers because he employs them.” What’s more, Tennessee Trey still refuses to release his tax returns to the public.

Tennessee Trey seems to only want to try to buy a seat in Congress, and ignore any sort of information about himself or how he’d represent Indiana’s Ninth District.


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