Zody: Banks owes Tritch a public apology


On Wednesday, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on Rep. Jim Banks to publicly apologize for sexist and insensitive comments Banks made concerning his decision to delay debating his Democratic challenger, Courtney Tritch. Zody believed Banks could refocus the race by admitting he misspoke.

“Banks owes Courtney and all Hoosier women who face this kind of prejudice a sincere apology,” said Zody. “There’s no place in the public discourse for this kind of flippant disregard for working women. Congressman Banks might think it just a passing statement, but women face this kind of entrenched sexism every day in the workplace. He should do better.”

Zody’s demand comes after Banks implied Tritch’s call for debates was below Banks and less important than his schedule, saying, “Unlike Ms. Tritch, he [Banks] has a family and a job and that job is serving the people of northeast Indiana”. Banks dug in on Tuesday night, saying Tritch was “twisting” his words.

In the Indiana Senate, Banks voted down a 2015 amendment to the state budget to make gender pay discrimination illegal. Banks was elected to Congress in 2016.


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