Zody: Bosma should step aside from harassment policy panel


INDIANAPOLIS – On Monday, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on Speaker Brian Bosma to remove himself from a working group crafting the Indiana General Assembly’s policy toward reporting and investigating claims of sexual harassment. Zody believed the controversy surrounding Bosma’s alleged intimidation of a woman he had a sexual encounter with would diminish the validity of the group’s final product.

“For the sake of the process and getting this right, the Speaker should step aside,” said Zody.

Zody questioned whether Bosma made suggestions or offered advice knowing the policy may one day be applied to his situation.

“Even the perception of a policy designed to protect lawmakers delegitimizes it,” said Zody. “It’s why, if Bosma believes in the work, he should step down.”

The bipartisan panel must develop recommendations for a sexual harassment prevention policy for members of the Indiana General Assembly by Nov. 20.


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