Zody calls for complete investigation into Holcomb ‘jet-gate’


INDIANAPOLIS – On Friday, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody demanded an investigation into reports Governor Eric Holcombflew aboard a private jet without disclosing it as campaign activity. In a pair of hand-delivered letters, Zody called on the Indiana Election Division and the Indiana Inspector General to scrutinize Holcomb’s actions for potential violations.

“Private jets. Special interests. Tens of thousands of dollars in what appear to be undisclosed campaign contributions. It’s shady, it’s unethical and Gov. Holcomb’s actions need to be investigated,” said Zody. “Holcomb shouldn’t appear to be bought and sold by special interests and he’s not above the law. Hoosiers deserve accountability.”

In a story first reported by the Indianapolis Star, Holcomb flew aboard a private jet to two political events but did not disclose either flight as contributions on his 2018 campaign finance report. Holcomb’s campaign previously justified not disclosing the flights because Holcomb did not directly benefit. However, on the dates of the trips, thousands of dollars of direct contributions were made to the governor’s campaign and the Indiana Republican Party. 

In a letter to the Indiana Election Division, Zody called on the IED to notify Holcomb he filed a defective report. Holcomb contends his flightswere not political contributions, so Zody also called on the Inspector General to determine whether Holcomb accepted the flights as gifts in violation of state ethics rules.

“It’s tough for the Governor to not look captured by special interests when he’s racking up frequent flyer miles aboard their private jets for free,” said Zody. “Taxpayers deserve a governor who works for them.”

Holcomb’s campaign has five days to respond once notified about a defective campaign finance report.


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