Zody: extend no-fault absentee voting to General Election


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement calling to extend no-fault absentee voting by mail to the General Election.

“In this unprecedented moment, the ballot box remains a critical tool of expression and Hoosiers across the state rose to meet the moment. A meteoric increase in votes cast by mail is all the evidence Connie Lawson and election officials should need to permit it for every Hoosier in November. She should begin tomorrow the work necessary to ensure every Hoosier who wants to cast their vote by mail in November, can.

“I’m calling for the Election Commission to extend no fault absentee voting to the General Election and come to a bipartisan agreement about extending necessary deadlines. This is something Hoosier voters want and it’s something they’ll rightly demand in the situation the virus spikes in the fall – a scenario Governor Holcomb himself has said is possible.

“The benefit of experience is now we have time to prepare for the General Election. We know what works and what resources are needed. But the clock is ticking. The Election Commission should meet immediately to hash out a process forward.”

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