ZODY: It’s time for action on Equal Pay Day


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement on Equal Pay Day.

“It takes nearly 100 additional days for women to earn what men made in 2016. Today, on Equal Pay Day, we mark that date and are reminded of just how much progress there is still left to make. We’re beyond just recognizing the issue of equal pay for equal work, it’s time for action. In Indiana, women earn just 76 cents for every dollar men make. At this rate, women today will not achieve pay equity until 2082, and Indiana Statehouse Republicans have actively blocked steps to right this injustice. Hoosiers deserve better. We owe it to our mothers, sisters, daughters and our communities to take action. Indiana Democrats have a documented history fighting for pay equality at the Statehouse and at the Capitol. We invite Statehouse Republicans to join us in our efforts to close the wage gap in our state.”


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