ZODY: Lawson’s “no correlation” comment overlooking the obvious on early voting


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement concerning Secretary of State Connie Lawson’s testimony during a meeting of the Interim Study Committee on Elections.

“The facts are clear. In Hamilton County, where Hoosiers enjoy expanded early voting options, a higher percentage of people voted early and overall turnout was more than 15 points higher than in Marion County during the 2016 election. In her testimony before the Interim Study Committee on Elections today, Secretary of State Connie Lawson said she sees “no correlation” between early voting and turnout. Hoosiers want the option to exercise their right to vote in a way that fits into their everyday lives. Lawson is either overlooking the obvious or she’s providing cover for Republicans who continue to play politics with early voting. If there’s no correlation, as Secretary Lawson suggests, why are places like Hamilton County expanding locations? Convenience. Every Hoosier voter deserves that option, not just those residing in Republican areas. For Indiana Republicans like Lawson who endorse the status quo, which continues to block the expansion of early voting in Marion County, it’s time to admit their actions aren’t about enabling Hoosiers to exercise their right to vote, it’s about ensuring Republicans win elections any way possible.” 


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