ZODY: Republicans restrict Hoosiers’ access to free and fair elections


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody released the following statement after measures to improve access to voting were denied a hearing or blocked on the House floor.

“Statehouse Republicans’ goal is a simple one: keep Hoosiers from the polls so that they can keep their seats. They’ve systematically made voting more burdensome and more time-consuming to the point many frustrated Hoosiers simply choose not to participate. It’s not by accident. Republicans win when turnout is low and they’ve rigged the system to their favor.  Ask any voter. Fairness in elections means better access – like more early voting options. Such as shorter lines at the polls – and a system that allows them to cast their ballot while managing the tasks of daily life. House Democrats’ common-sense measures would make voting more convenient for families while maintaining the integrity of our system. Republicans denied them. Their desire is to maintain their political position. The cost is Hoosiers’ right to free and fair elections.”


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