Zody statement on 2018 special session


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after Governor Eric Holcomb declared his intention to call a special session.

“Governor Eric Holcomb’s special session is the $30,000/day cherry on top of Republicans’ ineptly-managed, visionless legislative session. Republican leadership incompetently steered session into a wall on the last lap. Now they’re asking taxpayers to foot the bill for another shot at passing their do-nothing agenda.

“Republicans couldn’t see fit to competently manage a process that would have increased school safety, while at the same time telling Hoosier children in the DCS system that they weren’t a high enough priority to warrant legislative action during session. It looks out-of-touch and like Republicans are trying to have it both ways. One thing is certain, lawmakers shouldn’t make vacation plans in June. If Holcomb wants to avoid being tagged a hypocrite, he’ll be calling lawmakers back to address the crisis at the Department of Child Services.”


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