Zody statement on Bosma conflict of interest


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after a report indicated Speaker Brian Bosma may have had a conflict of interest with pending legislation.

“The culture of corruption runs deep at the Statehouse, apparently all the way up to the Speaker. Bosma might as well pitch a tent in the Ethics Committee because he can’t seem to separate the people’s business from his own. You don’t need instant replay to see how obvious a conflict of interest these actions are, Bosma controlling the destiny of legislation where he’s personally involved. Hoosier taxpayers are sick and tired of the perception that state government is for sale. It’s clear Republicans can’t be counted on to police their own unethical behavior. That Bosma said his shady conduct didn’t violate ethical standards is about as clear a sign there is that it’s time to change the rules – and the leadership at the Statehouse.”


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