Zody statement on DCS report


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after the Child Welfare Policy and Practice Group released its findings.

“In 2015, then Governor Mike Pence requested additional resources after a study found DCS critically underfunded. Fast-forward three years and it’s the same problems on repeat. Over the last five years, DCS has undergone five evaluations. The only news in this report is Indiana Republicans and Governor Holcomb have failed to fully implement those recommendations. Vulnerable children have tragically died in the interim. When previous reforms never got past lip service, Hoosiers are right to doubt Holcomb’s credibility now. More bureaucracy in Indianapolis won’t solve this. Talk is cheap and past efforts were empty promises. Governor Holcomb should start by apologizing to families who lost children for failing to do his job to protect them.”


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