Zody statement on Holcomb agenda announcement


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after first-term Governor Eric Holcomb rolled out a surprisingly light legislative agenda.

“Three years in, Governor Holcomb continues to look for legislative layups. While we’re glad he’s finally at the table regarding an inclusive hate crimes law, his agenda is a cautious, caretaker approach sharply out of sync with the reality Hoosier families face. An underfunded preschool program, the surging cost of living, stagnant wages and record opioid deaths underscore the need for big, bold ideas. It’s a little-risk, little-reward approach befitting of a shrewd politician but leadership, it is not. It’s a privilege to lead our state. If you’re unwilling or unable to tackle our state’s biggest problems, what are you getting up to do every day? Measuring the drapes isn’t enough.”

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