Zody statement on Lake Monroe incident


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after video surfaced of a Black Hoosier being assaulted by a group of white men using racist language.

“For Black Hoosiers, the existential threat posed by racism creeps into every aspect of life. It is ceaseless and knows no boundaries. It found its way onto the shores of Lake Monroe and undoubtedly similar hateful events occur across our state every day. Sometimes they are acute and visible as they were on Lake Monroe, and sometimes they occur silently as a result of bias — implicit or otherwise. 

“We must do better. The events in Monroe County and those that go unwitnessed except by those who bear them are an aching reminder that until injustice is addressed, there is no justice. It’s a reminder to redouble our efforts to make progress by electing leaders willing to acknowledge and face systemic racism head on. It’s a reminder that change begins with us and we are charged with the action needed to move Indiana forward.”


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