Zody statement on overturning of 2019 law limiting ability to extend polling hours


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after the Southern District of Indiana ordered a preliminary injunction in Common Cause v. Lawson et al. on a 2019 law limiting who could petition courts to extend polling hours if a location failed to open on time.

“When this law was passed, it erased the basic right of a voter to have standing in an Indiana court of law to protect their right to vote. This decision is a victory for Hoosiers who head to a polling location before work, only to find it closed. Now we can continue the fight to extend polling hours and ensure everyday Hoosiers aren’t locked out of the process at no fault of their own. Indiana Republicans had one singular intention when they passed this law:  to dismantle Hoosiers’ access to the ballot box by cutting off recourse and suppressing a Constitutionally-protected right.”


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