Zody statement on passage of workforce legislation


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement after the Senate signed off on Senate Bill 50, Governor Holcomb’s workforce initiative.

“Governor Holcomb is relying on a back to the future workforce approach punctuated by the same stale policies and fueled by more bureaucracy. More of the same won’t cut it. It hasn’t worked for a decade and it won’t work now. The business community is rightfully frustrated and Holcomb is looking like a junior varsity policymaker. All the stakeholders were poised for action. The bases were loaded here and Holcomb whiffed. The 1 million Hoosiers without the skills to compete just want a shot to earn a good living. Without a vision, Holcomb wasted a golden opportunity. Hoosiers deserve a governor with bold ideas prepared to implement them. Holcomb is still learning there’s no warm up lap in governing. Hoosiers don’t have a day to waste.”


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