Zody statement on Vice President Pence’s Anderson appearance


INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement regarding Vice President Mike Pence’s stop in Anderson this afternoon.

“As Vice President Mike Pence returns to his own state to talk tax reform, Hoosiers are hoping that the administration’s plan will be far better than the former governor’s own record on taxes, where he put shortsighted political interests before working families. Pence’s “historic” tax cut for Hoosier families amounted to about $50 for the average household last year, while certain corporations and banks reaped hundreds of millions of dollars in cuts. If Vice President Pence wants to take a bipartisan approach that looks out for Hoosier families, he needs to engage lawmakers like Joe Donnelly, not just pay lip service to the idea. Awarding tax cuts to the corporations that offshore American jobs isn’t the answer–he needs to make sure that tax reform puts middle class families first. That’s what Hoosiers demand.”


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