Zody to GOP AG candidates: Pledge to remove IN from health care lawsuit


Care of 500k+ Hoosiers at stake – in the middle of a global pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS – On the day the Trump administration filed opening briefs in a Supreme Court case to end the Affordable Care Act, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on the Republican candidates for Attorney General to commit to removing Indiana from the suit. Zody believed voters deserve a clear answer on where all the candidates stood on an issue that threatens the care of 564,000 Hoosiers.

“Curtis Hill’s fingerprints are all over legal action that would leave more than half a million Hoosiers without health care in the middle of a global pandemic,” said Zody. “Are the other GOP Attorney General candidates just as committed as Curtis Hill in putting health care out of reach for 500,000 working Hoosiers? I’m calling on the Republican candidates to make it clear where they stand: with Hoosiers or the corporations and insurance companies set to gain.”

The global pandemic has compounded the issue. New research released Wednesday showed that 564,000 Hoosiers would lose their health care if the lawsuit is successful – 67,000 more because of the coronavirus. Zody believed the more than half a million Hoosiers who are caught in the middle deserve leaders that don’t play politics.

“For Curtis Hill this lawsuit is about posturing for a future Fox News interview but if he’s successful, half a million Hoosiers could go to bed with health insurance and wake up without it,” said Zody.  “In the middle of a global pandemic, Republicans shouldn’t be playing political games with Hoosiers’ health care.”


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